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1. SESSION FEE. Due at the time of booking in order to secure your date.

Portraits: Session fee must be paid at the time of booking. You are able to split your session fee into two payments, with your balance received no later than one weeks prior to your desired date, or your session will be subject to cancellation. No date is secured without a deposit.

Payments accepted via PayPal. Once the session fee is paid, no additional client can be booked for that time, as a result session fees are non-refundable. Session fees are valid for no more than 6 months after the date of purchase. Session fees that have not been redeemed after 6 months are no longer valid.

Corporate: Session fees are priced on a sliding scale. The volume discount included for one session may not be transferred to another date.


If you must cancel your session, please let me know as soon as possible (no later than 48 hours prior) so that we can reschedule to the next available date. Cancellations that take place under 48 hours are subject to a $200 rescheduling fee. You are however limited to one rescheduled date. If a second reschedule is requested, you will be invoiced a $200 rescheduling fee, otherwise your session is subject to cancellation.

Please note: Your session may be subject to cancellation if your session planning information and wardrobe photos are not received by the specified date. This is critical for proper planning, so when they are not received in a timely manner, your session cannot be planned for effectively. Your session may also be subject to cancellation if it becomes evident that I am not the best fit for your project. In either event, you will receive a full refund and a list of referrals for photographers who may be a better fit.

COVID-19 adjustment: If you or anyone in your household are feeling sick, please let me know as soon as possible- even if it’s the day of your session. Your session will be cancelled and we can reschedule once everyone is feeling better.

3. INCLEMENT WEATHER. If there is inclement weather the day of your session, one of two things will happen: we will reschedule your session to the next available date OR a suitable indoor location will be arranged. This will be discussed roughly one week prior (as soon as the forecast is available) and the final decision will be made no sooner than 2 days (and no later than 24 hours) prior to your session.

4. TIME. Please arrive on time to your session dressed and ready to begin. There is a window of time allotted for your photo session that begins at your specified time so additional time for preparation will reduce the time we can spend taking photos. If you are more than 30 minutes late, your session is subject to cancellation. 

5. PROOF GALLERIES. Once expired, a $50 re-archival fee applies to reopen your proof gallery. After three months, all unordered files will be removed to make room for new clients and will no longer be available for purchase. Payment plans are available for orders totaling more than $495 (subject to a 2% service fee), and must be paid within 6 weeks. Proof galleries are for viewing only. Sharing screenshots of your proof gallery is a copyright violation.

6. RETOUCHING. Your proof gallery will be lightly retouched (exposure/color correction, etc). Once your final selections are received, all ordered photos will be fully retouched. This includes any further lighting/color adjustments, skin smoothing, lint removal, etc- any adjustments that will result in a flattering final photo. Note: DFinney Photography has a natural retouching style- if extensive retouching is requested, this will incur an additional fee.

7. USAGE AND PHOTO CREDIT. Your images are for personal or professional use only (depending on the session booked). If you desire to use your images commercially, this will incur a licensing fee- to be determined based on the manner in which the image(s) will be used. Unless otherwise stated, you grant permission to include your photos in ION Photography’s portfolio. If the request is made for your images not to be included in the portfolio, this will be honored and noted on your contract. Please credit ION Photography or Danielle Finney when sharing your images. When sharing on social media, please credit @IONPHOTO.

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